Valor Day

Yesterday, I spent the holiday quite differently. I feel so blessed to have had fellowship with the men of our church. These are the men who don’t talk that much. It’s quite absurd hearing male voices for almost the whole day. I felt happy to see them smile a lot, laugh hard and cry their hearts out. The highlight of that day for me was when we gathered together to talk about life- our joys, our pains and our dreams. It’s so unusual but this is what I actually want to hear from the men- especially old Christian men who bring with them tons of experiences, successes and failures which are of great help for me as I am still starting to build my own family.

I don’t know but that day really had an impact in my life- their lives and experiences really encouraged and inspired me. I would like to summarize my learning through these bits of wisdom from the treasure chest of gallant fathers and husbands.

  1. Independence Day. This is the general pet peeve of the day. Independence from our wives. 😊 Funny comments and gestures enlivened the day- experiences from which every man can relate to. But beneath the surface, as we go deeper, I can say that these men love their wives and they have been through so much just to keep their marriage in place. I realized that every man in that place is very thankful for their wives, that every man is fighting or has fought a battle only they know.
  2. Each man has his own wounds and most of them are still under the healing process. Unlike any sector of the society, fathers and husbands do not have any comfort group where they can freely talk about their frustrations and pains. Most of the depressed people are men because they ought to keep it to themselves than talk it over to someone else. Yes, they communicate with their wives but there are those things which they want to keep to themselves and yes, their wives and probably their children bear with them because of their shortcomings but  men bear with themselves first and foremost- a constant inner tension. There are things that they have to struggle within, wounds that haunt them and words and actions that belittle them can easily unbury the pain, but of course, who else knows but themselves? I think these wounds are the ones keeping them quiet and passive at times (or the other way around.) Men are hurt and they don’t show it. Christian men are not exempted from the frustrations but they have a refuge, a sure confidant, empathizer and redeemer. Yesterday, I saw diversed men abiding under the wings of the Almighty which I believe is a great sight to behold.
  3. Men are in charge and want to be validated as such by their wives at the very least. My heart goes for each man who is being emasculated by his wife through insensitive comments, silent treatments, belittling gestures, etc. Men don’t tell everything that happens to them after the long day of work and their homes should be a refresher without them having the feeling that they have to prove something. A simple acknowledgment can go a long way. Wives have the power to build up or destroy their husbands. It is difficult to break into the man’s core for it is covered with stiffness and rigidity but the wives hold the keys.
  4. Men will do everything to protect their families.
  5. There is no perfect father and husband but the real measure of a man lies in his ability to surrender everything to God. Men from that group come from different walks of life but I equally admire each one for having a heart fully surrendered to the Lord.

Yesterday was indeed a fun and learning filled experience. It was a blessed day of valor with these valiant men!


Happy Independence Day! 😊


(Quick sketch-view from our cottage)


Apr 10,2019

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Savor Each Moment

I learned to savor each moment the day I almost lost my husband.

As a stay-at-home mom for only 6 months now, it seems that I am not yet used to being at home 24/7. Yes I enjoy being with my son, being able to witness his milestones, and being able to manage our household full-time. But most of the time, I still find myself getting bored and wishing that I am doing something else other than being a full-time wife and mom.

I often wake up feeling lazy thinking that I will be doing the same things again.

I feel sad every Sunday evening because my husband will be going to work early morning the next day and the next four days.

I often wish that my son would take naps twice a day so that I could finish all household chores.

I usually get frustrated when I don’t get to do some chores because my son wants to play with me all day.

I sometimes feel so tired at the end of the day that I look forward to sleeping instead of enjoying family time.

I consider my days staying at home as “ordinary days.”

I look forward to weekends, holidays, or out-of-town trips so much that I take my “ordinary days” for granted.

I realized that I’ve been feeling this way until something happened two weeks ago. I almost lost my husband. He met an accident while riding his motorcycle, resulting in bone fracture and wounds. We were so down in all aspects. Just when we were about to feel hopeless, God reminded us that He is our hope. That He is with us always. That this is just one of the trials while we’re still in this imperfect world. That trials make our faith stronger. That this trial will result in a deeper faith and relationship with Him. That what happened has a purpose. That this circumstance will teach us lots of life lessons that we won’t learn from good times. That we shouldn’t focus on thinking of the past (what could have been done to prevent the accident) or the future (what will happen to us the next days, weeks, months). That we should focus on the present.

And so on those difficult days, I learned to appreciate each moment. The moment my husband called me that he met an accident— I felt worried but was comforted that he was the one who called me which means that he is alive! The time that the x-ray results showed that he had a bone fracture and he needed a major operation— I cried in frustration, felt sorry for him, and worried about finances, but was relieved by the fact that the damage can still be fixed and everything can get back to normal after some time. The day that he underwent operation— I felt helpless that I could not do anything to lessen the pain he was suffering after the surgery but was thankful that the operation was successful and what he was feeling was just normal. The day we needed to settle our hospital bills— I felt down because of the hospitalization cost but was encouraged that our family and friends were so generous to help us out. The day we could finally leave the hospital and go home— I felt anxious about our set-up at home for the weeks or months to come but was comforted that our family members are very willing to assist us. Yes, I learned to appreciate those moments. I learned to be grateful for each day.

Now that my “ordinary days” are gone for a while, I honestly miss them. Because having those “ordinary days” means that the accident did not happen. I realized that I failed to savor those days. So now, by God’s grace I choose to enjoy each day. Yesterday, as my son sat on his father’s lap reading a book, I chose to happily watch them (and quickly got my phone and took a picture) even though I was tempted to fix the toys in the play area. Today as I sit beside my husband, I choose to celebrate and make the most out of this time.

Let’s appreciate the present. Be grateful for God’s grace and blessing every day. The fact that you wake up in the morning is already something to be thankful for. Let’s not miss the moments of today. Every breathing second is a miracle.

Savor each moment. Be grateful for each day. Live in the present. Live each day as if it is the last.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

PS. Taking this opportunity to express how thankful we are to our parents and our siblings who are very generous of their finances, service, time, support, and love. Thank you for taking care of Tomi. We thank God for your lives! We don’t know how to repay everything you’re doing for us. May God bless you abundantly! We are also very grateful to our relatives, churchmates, and friends who extended help, visited us, and encouraged us through messages. We also thank you for your prayers! Thank you very much also to the doctors, nurses, and everyone in TPH and JMC, and to everyone from Tarlac City CDRRMO who assisted us, as well as to the people in the two ambulances who helped transport Melvin to the hospital. Thank you for your kindness! May God bless you all! And to our God who is our Hope, Refuge, Strength, Provider, Healer, and our good good Father, thank You! All praises and glory to You alone!

-Bubbles, 11/20/18

Marriage isn’t that Great

To you who are engaged, married, single or not thinking about any, This write up contains something I learned that I believe is applicable to everyone who wants to live a life of purpose and security.

This title might be an attention seeker especially when it comes from someone who just got married 20 months ago. And before you throw rocks or swing fists of words allow me to make it all clear; I won’t trade any day of these 20 months of my life for any of my best days as a single person. And there is no other person in this entire world who can replace my wife’s place in this heart. I’m in love then, now and still be through the years to come.

Months before our wedding day while listening to a sermon about marriage from Francis Chan, an American preacher, several words from him and his wife kept ringing in my mind, “one day we will stand before God and we should not underestimate that,”  I clicked the video expecting to listen to a message that will pump me up for my upcoming marriage only to find out that that it wouldn’t just be my marriage which will be affected by this sermon but also the rest of my life, and my wife’s and children’s.

The couple talked about the book they wrote entitled, You and Me Forever, Marriage in Light of Eternity. I ended up downloading the free e-book (and eventually buying the hardcopy). And yes, I got the title of this blog from one of the chapter titles of their book. The truths in it together with the preaching and encouragement of my senior pastor really opened my eyes as though God was speaking to me and leading me and my marriage to a life of greater significance. Those words are wisdom in the inmost place crafted from their experience and communion with God and It’s so beautiful that I can’t help but share.

Here are some points that left an impact in my heart and hopefully to yours also but these words won’t give justice to the actual content of the book especially when authors backed the truths up with their experiences of love, sacrifice and glory:

  1. Marriage isn’t about us.

Yes, marriage is the union of two different individuals committing to a life of unity and love regardless. Social media has been so generous in displaying “beautiful” marriages with scenic backgrounds or gestures of kisses and embrace, happy families, nice homes etc. but like the little boy’s tendency of adorning the toy than the giver, Christian marriages today seemed to forget the One Who orchestrated their union. Christians tend to forget who they are when they get married, more than a husband and a wife we are Disciples of Christ. More than half of the percentage of those who are getting married (including Christians) will eventually be separated or will think of being such. That occurs because instead of digging deeper in the well of the Living Water, we opted to focus on the surface (giving and demanding love from our partners) leaving us thirsty and lacking and tired. The Lord designed marriage, and it’s so beautiful and should not be wasted. The only way we can save marriages is to allow God to work in it.

Our marriage is entirely not about us but about Him.


  1. God’s Mission over Marriage

If we are Disciples of Christ and if His mission is to share the Word and make Disciples, what then should our primary purpose in life be? This is one bold challenge mentioned in the book, especially in today’s generation where fatherless youths are abundant. While it is a noble pursuit to put family and marriage above the list, Jesus’ challenge is even bolder, ‘if you love your father or mother or children or even yourself more than me, you are NOT fit to be my disciple’. Making God’s mission as our mission doesn’t mean neglecting our families (in fact, we are accountable). It is the only way to make our family secured and steady. Living in God’s mission is like building your home on solid ground. An athletic team doesn’t spend most of their time travelling together or on Friday nights together. They only fixed their eyes on one goal and as they achieve it, they become brothers in the process. Strong bond is but a result of being united towards a common goal.


  1. Self- Denial

When I think about discipleship, I can say that these words are hard to swallow- deny yourself! ‘Follow me’ may seem light but self-denial is a different story.

My wife and I are both working professionals, relatively young and hopefully healthy, in the normal lens of life we may envision our lives the way we want, we have our dreams and plans to achieve it. I can pour out my strength and time pursuing these for my family but I can’t be a disciple. It is just recently when God opened my eyes that He wanted all of me. I’m not talking about a divine calling of leaving my profession for “Full Time” work. I’m talking about being part in building the kingdom of God and loving Him with all my heart, soul and strength and making His mission my life’s purpose. And I can’t do it if my Heart is divided. Yes, that means, surrendering my plans for my family at His feet.

Christianity today is becoming central to us but in reality it is Christ centered. Sacrifice and surrender are the central theme of the scripture wherever season of life you may be. For us husbands and father, and for the wives and mothers as well, there is a greater call.

-Melvin 21-12-17

Out of My Comfort Zone

It’s been more than two months since Melvin and I got married. In a few months, God had taught us lots of lessons already.

I can sum up my two months of new life in four words: out of comfort zone. It seems that I entered a whole new world. New civil status, new home, new company at home, new environment, new schedule, new work.

It was two months before our wedding when we decided that we would be settling in Metro Manila after our wedding, which meant that I had to resign from my first ever job. I had to leave my second home for almost five years. I had to say goodbye to my workmates who I considered family. I had to leave the convenience of travelling less than fifteen minutes from home to work and vice versa. I had to change the routines which I had been doing for a couple of years. The decision also meant that I would live miles away from what has been my home for all my life. New room, new dining room, new kitchen, new bathroom, new space. Moreover, it meant changing my usual routine of going to SM Tarlac with my sister or friends to grab a snack after work or have dinner or coffee. The decision meant that I would no longer be one text message away from my friends to meet up. I had to leave my usual life. I had to leave, I must admit, my comfort zone.

And I didn’t want to do that at first. I didn’t like the idea of finding a new job. I didn’t like the hassle of preparing for teaching demonstrations, exams, and interviews. I can’t imagine myself finding a temporary house. I didn’t like the thought of living in the city where I knew I would need to wake up and leave home very early in the morning to avoid heavy traffic. I loved where I was. I didn’t want to move.

But it is true that when God uproots you from where you are, He would definitely plant and let you bloom on another soil. Believe it or not, in less than a month I already got hired in the first and only company where I applied for a teaching job. A week after our wedding day, we found our temporary home which is just near our workplace. I left my job in Tarlac on the last week of April and started with my new job on the first week of May. My new work environment is not far from the previous one— very welcoming. Can I say that I am so good to have accomplished all of these? No! It’s all God’s work. His amazing grace. Undeserved favor.

It’s easier (and cheesier) to say that I chose to leave my comfort zone because of my love for my then husband-to-be, but the truth is that God just carried me. He carried me from my comfort zone to the pruning zone, because He has great plans not just for me but for us, for His glory.

Waking up and leaving home early in the morning every weekday, travelling to and from Tarlac weekly, cooking/preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, budgeting finances, new job, cleaning the house, paying for electricity and water bills, trying to live independently (from parents), discovering our differences, adjustments in how we spend our income, lifestyle,  making decisions. I cannot believe that Melvin and I have survived more than two months already! Correction: not just surviving. We are enjoying. And surely, it’s only by the grace of God. Every day, I praise God for my husband who is the concrete display of His grace and love. I know there’ll be more pruning along the way, but with Jesus Christ as our vine, we will bear much fruit. And that far outweighs staying in the zone of comfort.

-Bubbles, 07/09/16

#BMW 2016

New surname, new civil status, new home, new environment, new work, new schedule, and a lot more new experiences. The weeks after the wedding were so eventful that we didn’t have time to pause and write down our thoughts. Time flies so fast! We’ve been married for more than two months already and we are more than thankful to God for the joy He fills our hearts with.

While I have a lot of realizations and reflections to write about, I would like to do some reminiscing first. Up to now I am still in awe of God whenever I remember our wedding day.

Let me share with you a short narrative about our wedding from my sister’s perspective.

All weddings are special in their own ways, but Melvin and Bubbles’ wedding was made extra special because of all the love that was put into it.

The wedding, which was held at the bride’s uncle’s farm in Tarlac City, was full-throttle DIY, as all the design, arrangements, and styling were done by the couple’s family members and friends. The bride’s brother was the head florist and event stylist; he also made the souvenirs. The invitation was designed by the couple themselves – the groom handpainted the couple’s emblem! The bride’s makeup was done by yours truly, who also served as the Maid of Honor and overall event coordinator. To contribute to the wedding’s DIY factor, the gowns that the entourage wore were their own designs, letting them express their personalities and creativity.

Every aspect of this sunrise-brunch affair has love written all over it, but its most memorable aspect is probably the fact that the bride’s wedding gown has survived 34 years under the bride’s mother’s care. Yup, the gown that Bubbles wore during the ceremony is actually her mother’s wedding gown! THAT is special.

It’s such an honor wearing a 34-year-old gown!
Flower bouquet made with love!
Comfy boots that were just perfect for walking around the farm (and marching down the aisle 😉 )
Fresh flowers won’t ever fail you
The main photographer’s fave spot
Another fave spot 🙂
Grateful to God for using my uncle and his family in providing a beautiful venue
The groom and the groomsmen
The bride, the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids
The groom and his family
The bride and her family
It was such a bright and sunny day!
Our special dance number 😉



If I were to describe what we feel about our wedding in one word, it would be: GRATEFUL. We are deeply grateful to God for His grace. We are sincerely grateful to all the people He used to bless us. We may not be able to give anything in return, but surely, it is God who would bless them. That is our prayer.

His Hands, His Face

Sa mga panahong ito, mainit na ang discussions tungkol sa kung sino dapat ang i-boto sa nalalapit na eleksyon sa May. This month ay nagkaroon ng presidential debate, na naging helpful para matulungan ang mga botante sa pagdedecide. Sa mga panahong ito, sikat na sikat ang JaDine. Katatapos lang ng On the Wings of Love last week pero hanggang ngayon ay marami pa ring kinikilig dahil from reel, ay real na ngayon ang tambalan nila. Napanood ko yung first interview nila as an official couple. Tinanong si Nadine kung anong reaksyon niya nung umamin si James sa kanya at nagsabi ng “I love you.” Ang nasabi lang daw niya ay, “Kilig ago.”

Sa mga panahong ito, marami akong iniisip. Ang dami kasing dapat gawin. There’s a tendency for me to be worried and stressed out. Thankfully, while browsing the pictures in my Ipad, I saw a screen shot of one of Melvin’s tumblr posts several years ago. It made me smile. So let me borrow Nadine’s line… Kilig ako. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Paano naman ako hindi kikiligin? A godly man and my Heavenly Father are working hand in hand, loving me. The man humbly admits that his hands have weaknesses, but will be strong enough to hold me. God’s hands are eternally firm, steady, and strong.

It’s almost one month before our wedding day. In this season of our lives where there are a lot of uncertainties, we can choose to worry, get stressed out, and make our own efforts to find security and certainty. But I am reminded of God’s hands. I rejoice that I feel weak and helpless, because in this state I will seek Him more, not just His hands but more importantly, His face.

I am excited to witness God’s grace and power in the coming weeks! I trust the hands that work hand in hand to love me at all cost. I trust God who’s been working amazingly in our lives since the day we decided to pray for each other.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)


Bubbles, 02.29.16

High walls over Picket Fences

Building high walls of principles when picket fences seem fine, someday it will make sense.

In less than two months from now, Bubbles and I will be getting married. Today since about 3 months ago, we already had invested so much of our time and money. Getting married today is no joke and in this world of no absolutes, this thought came to mind, does it still make sense?

It didn’t sprout out of doubt for she knows and God knows that my desire and commitment are getting stronger as the big day approaches. It’s definitely not a constrained feeling from the inside that I kept for so long and been wanting to shout in time. It’s just a thought from a reflection concerning the society from which we are planning to live with and their culture and standards from which our future children will be exposed.

We are pursuing a covenant which significance this society already distorted- marriage. A man and woman can live together and  do things exclusive for married couples outside of the covenant of marriage. Couple can marry regardless of gender as long as they ‘love’ each other. These and more, define it yourself and it’ll be accepted. Marriage now is just a term. Vague. Twisted.

I thank God very much for saving me from such disillusionment. Now I stand on solid ground, immovable and unchangeable. And like a needle in a haystack, I found the one whom my soul loves. And by God’s grace and mercy, we are about to embrace marriage as the Author defines it- selfless, loving and God honoring.

High walls were breached but together we will stand in the gap and someday it will make sense.

-Melvin 18/02/16

Wedding 101

And January flew just like that. It has been a very busy and productive month, squeezing work, ministry, wedding preparations, family time, dates, and a little social life, in 31 days. Thank God for His sustaining grace!

So before the first month of 2016 ends, I’m giving writing a little time. I’ll try my best to recall all the learning and reflection this month has brought me and write them in one post. Three points for now. 🙂

Going DIY for a wedding can be either stressful or meaningful. Being hands-on with all of the wedding details is definitely stressful! The soon-to-be-married couple can get into arguments in the middle of the planning and implementing season. DIY Wedding requires so much time and energy, which can make the couple regret going DIY. Hiring a coordinator is a lot more convenient. On the other hand, going DIY for a wedding can be meaningful because the preparations could be a time of (further) discovery and bonding for the couple. It’s a time of knowing each other’s tastes and values. Comparing wedding supplier rates and deciding on which to book can be the beginning of learning about managing finances. Making a guest list and making some compromises about who to invite can be the start of learning about patience. Talking about the little wedding details can be the beginning of learning about acceptance. All these and more are all meaningful beginnings.

While preparing for the wedding, keep a grateful attitude. This is the best wedding tip I’ve read so far. While I find the advice “invest in a wedding photographer” very helpful, this advice is one I choose to recite to myself again and again. Be grateful! Let me quote this beautiful advice from Patty Laurel-Filart in the article Wedding Tips Every Bride-to-be Needs to Know in Bride and Breakfast ( She said, “I encourage all couples to approach their wedding planning with a sense of gratefulness. When you start with this mindset, you’ll be appreciative of both the big and small things like: how you and your husband to be are able to work as a team, the help you’ll receive from loved ones, the time and effort of your suppliers, and of course God’s faithfulness in providing for your wedding budget. When you look at the whole process with grateful eyes and hearts, you won’t feel the need to complain or stress as much because every little thing now feels like a gift.” Indeed, keeping a sense of gratefulness makes a lot of sense.

God is always the great Provider, whatever our needs may be. Basic needs or wedding needs. I almost have forgotten this. When we got engaged, my major concern was finances. I initially thought that we need to save a lot of money in order to carry out the wedding and I must admit that I became worried about that. Thank God He reminded me that I should not depend on money, or even on people who are willing to help us. I should depend on Him. How timely it was when I got to read this article  from the Faithlife Bible Study app, written by Steven E. Runge. It’s an insight on the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine. Let me share it here. “Jesus did more than simply fill a need. He turned embarrassment into a blessing. This is the first of many situations in John’s gospel where Jesus restores something to better-than-original condition. It also reveals Jesus’ deep concern for meeting people at their point of need, no matter how inconsequential that need may seem.”

I believe these are the basics that we need to keep in mind as we continue to plan and prepare for our wedding. Thank God we’re enjoying the process and we’re learning a lot from every experience (including our Divisoria experience, yes).

As I end this post, let me share with you photos of some of the things that kept us busy this month! Excited for the (few) coming months!

The making and evolution of some wedding details 🙂


The amazing Divisoria and amazing friends 🙂






Just Wait

I previously posted an article ( about what happened hours before Melvin’s proposal on the night of October 2, 2015. Now, here’s a post about what happened (or more of what I thought and felt) days before that wonderful night of celebration.

Even at the very start of our relationship, we already had marriage in mind. We agreed to pray for it and seek if God would will for us to end up in marriage. Marriage was the goal. I can still vividly remember the day we went to our pastor to tell him about us and how he prayed for us, asking God to let our love grow. After telling him about our plans, I can still remember him saying “matagal yata ang 2 years (of praying), ‘nak.” 

God has been with us since day one (exactly two years ago today 🙂 ). Our so-called “anniversary” is more of a marker of our time of praying about His plans for the two of us than a typical commemoration. After a year, things became clearer. God seemed to be leading us toward what we’ve been praying for. I must admit, after a year and several months, I was expecting that we would finally and formally and seriously talk about marriage. Casually, he started asking me if I was willing to marry him anytime soon and if we could already set a date.

August and September 2015 came and many character-building events happened. We learned to pray more and stretch our faith. We learned to trust God even more. The highlight of this season was his change of workplace. During those moments, I must admit, my desire to plan for marriage grew stronger. But I thought it wasn’t the perfect time yet.

On the day he got hired in the company he’s now working with, I received a random text message from my sister asking if I could still recall the size of the ring set we bought months ago, explaining that she wanted to order a ring set in Zalora. Call me assuming, but I really felt something unusual. I knew that it was not really my sister who needed to know our (or should I say, MY) ring size, but the one who I was praying with. Because of excitement, I made a way to confirm my hunch. And I was right!!! He was already planning to propose marriage. The good thing was that I wasn’t able to find out all of the information (the specific plan, the date, etc.). Thank God, I was able to control myself from doing further investigation! Hehe. But… The bad thing about my super excitement about the proposal was that I kept on thinking about it and when it would happen. Every weekend for several weeks, I expected that he would invite me over dinner and finally propose. But every time I expected it, it didn’t happen. Natatawa na ako sa sarili ko… At naiinis. Hehe. I found it funny, but at the same time I was already battling with myself, telling myself that I should stop expecting. I kept on praying and asking God to take control of my mind and heart because each time it didn’t happen, I somehow felt frustrated.

God answered my prayers! I started to stop expecting and just relax and wait. When I wasn’t expecting, it did happen. On October 2, 2015, I was just happy spending time with him on a Friday ‘coz we usually spend time together during weekends only. When I stopped expecting and getting frustrated, God let it happen. And it was a perfect time.

Lesson learned: Be still and just wait.

I must admit that I’m the type of person who tends to become impatient when lining up in ATMs or supermarkets. I easily get bored when I have to wait for someone (my sister knows this). When something stops working, I try to fix it. When things go wrong, I find solutions. Relaxing or doing nothing tends to be my last option. In the process, I get irritated, stressed out, and frustrated. That’s how I felt when I did something to find out about the proposal. But when


I learned to just relax and wait, God uncovered a beautiful surprise.

I’ve been teaching my pupils to learn how to wait- wait in line, wait for their turn, wait for their sundo, etc.- since I started working as a preschool teacher in 2011. It’s just ironic that I am still learning it myself. We’re not too old for this kind of learning, are we? 😉


December 16, 2015


For You

This is a special post because it’s Melvin’s special day. Happy birthday, Melvin!

I’m sharing with you a letter Melvin wrote and posted in his Tumblr account in 2011. It was only in 2014 that I got to read it after he told me that he wrote it for me.


After reading the letter, I admired him even more. With so much joy in my heart, I wrote a reply and e-mailed it to him.


I wonder if Melvin had ever thought then that he would eventually receive a reply to his letter. Indeed, God makes everything beautiful in its time!




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