Just Wait

I previously posted an article (http://melvinbubbles.com/2015/12/02/remembering-october-2-2015/) about what happened hours before Melvin’s proposal on the night of October 2, 2015. Now, here’s a post about what happened (or more of what I thought and felt) days before that wonderful night of celebration.

Even at the very start of our relationship, we already had marriage in mind. We agreed to pray for it and seek if God would will for us to end up in marriage. Marriage was the goal. I can still vividly remember the day we went to our pastor to tell him about us and how he prayed for us, asking God to let our love grow. After telling him about our plans, I can still remember him saying “matagal yata ang 2 years (of praying), ‘nak.” 

God has been with us since day one (exactly two years ago today 🙂 ). Our so-called “anniversary” is more of a marker of our time of praying about His plans for the two of us than a typical commemoration. After a year, things became clearer. God seemed to be leading us toward what we’ve been praying for. I must admit, after a year and several months, I was expecting that we would finally and formally and seriously talk about marriage. Casually, he started asking me if I was willing to marry him anytime soon and if we could already set a date.

August and September 2015 came and many character-building events happened. We learned to pray more and stretch our faith. We learned to trust God even more. The highlight of this season was his change of workplace. During those moments, I must admit, my desire to plan for marriage grew stronger. But I thought it wasn’t the perfect time yet.

On the day he got hired in the company he’s now working with, I received a random text message from my sister asking if I could still recall the size of the ring set we bought months ago, explaining that she wanted to order a ring set in Zalora. Call me assuming, but I really felt something unusual. I knew that it was not really my sister who needed to know our (or should I say, MY) ring size, but the one who I was praying with. Because of excitement, I made a way to confirm my hunch. And I was right!!! He was already planning to propose marriage. The good thing was that I wasn’t able to find out all of the information (the specific plan, the date, etc.). Thank God, I was able to control myself from doing further investigation! Hehe. But… The bad thing about my super excitement about the proposal was that I kept on thinking about it and when it would happen. Every weekend for several weeks, I expected that he would invite me over dinner and finally propose. But every time I expected it, it didn’t happen. Natatawa na ako sa sarili ko… At naiinis. Hehe. I found it funny, but at the same time I was already battling with myself, telling myself that I should stop expecting. I kept on praying and asking God to take control of my mind and heart because each time it didn’t happen, I somehow felt frustrated.

God answered my prayers! I started to stop expecting and just relax and wait. When I wasn’t expecting, it did happen. On October 2, 2015, I was just happy spending time with him on a Friday ‘coz we usually spend time together during weekends only. When I stopped expecting and getting frustrated, God let it happen. And it was a perfect time.

Lesson learned: Be still and just wait.

I must admit that I’m the type of person who tends to become impatient when lining up in ATMs or supermarkets. I easily get bored when I have to wait for someone (my sister knows this). When something stops working, I try to fix it. When things go wrong, I find solutions. Relaxing or doing nothing tends to be my last option. In the process, I get irritated, stressed out, and frustrated. That’s how I felt when I did something to find out about the proposal. But when


I learned to just relax and wait, God uncovered a beautiful surprise.

I’ve been teaching my pupils to learn how to wait- wait in line, wait for their turn, wait for their sundo, etc.- since I started working as a preschool teacher in 2011. It’s just ironic that I am still learning it myself. We’re not too old for this kind of learning, are we? 😉


December 16, 2015


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