Wedding 101

And January flew just like that. It has been a very busy and productive month, squeezing work, ministry, wedding preparations, family time, dates, and a little social life, in 31 days. Thank God for His sustaining grace!

So before the first month of 2016 ends, I’m giving writing a little time. I’ll try my best to recall all the learning and reflection this month has brought me and write them in one post. Three points for now. 🙂

Going DIY for a wedding can be either stressful or meaningful. Being hands-on with all of the wedding details is definitely stressful! The soon-to-be-married couple can get into arguments in the middle of the planning and implementing season. DIY Wedding requires so much time and energy, which can make the couple regret going DIY. Hiring a coordinator is a lot more convenient. On the other hand, going DIY for a wedding can be meaningful because the preparations could be a time of (further) discovery and bonding for the couple. It’s a time of knowing each other’s tastes and values. Comparing wedding supplier rates and deciding on which to book can be the beginning of learning about managing finances. Making a guest list and making some compromises about who to invite can be the start of learning about patience. Talking about the little wedding details can be the beginning of learning about acceptance. All these and more are all meaningful beginnings.

While preparing for the wedding, keep a grateful attitude. This is the best wedding tip I’ve read so far. While I find the advice “invest in a wedding photographer” very helpful, this advice is one I choose to recite to myself again and again. Be grateful! Let me quote this beautiful advice from Patty Laurel-Filart in the article Wedding Tips Every Bride-to-be Needs to Know in Bride and Breakfast ( She said, “I encourage all couples to approach their wedding planning with a sense of gratefulness. When you start with this mindset, you’ll be appreciative of both the big and small things like: how you and your husband to be are able to work as a team, the help you’ll receive from loved ones, the time and effort of your suppliers, and of course God’s faithfulness in providing for your wedding budget. When you look at the whole process with grateful eyes and hearts, you won’t feel the need to complain or stress as much because every little thing now feels like a gift.” Indeed, keeping a sense of gratefulness makes a lot of sense.

God is always the great Provider, whatever our needs may be. Basic needs or wedding needs. I almost have forgotten this. When we got engaged, my major concern was finances. I initially thought that we need to save a lot of money in order to carry out the wedding and I must admit that I became worried about that. Thank God He reminded me that I should not depend on money, or even on people who are willing to help us. I should depend on Him. How timely it was when I got to read this article  from the Faithlife Bible Study app, written by Steven E. Runge. It’s an insight on the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine. Let me share it here. “Jesus did more than simply fill a need. He turned embarrassment into a blessing. This is the first of many situations in John’s gospel where Jesus restores something to better-than-original condition. It also reveals Jesus’ deep concern for meeting people at their point of need, no matter how inconsequential that need may seem.”

I believe these are the basics that we need to keep in mind as we continue to plan and prepare for our wedding. Thank God we’re enjoying the process and we’re learning a lot from every experience (including our Divisoria experience, yes).

As I end this post, let me share with you photos of some of the things that kept us busy this month! Excited for the (few) coming months!

The making and evolution of some wedding details 🙂


The amazing Divisoria and amazing friends 🙂






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