High walls over Picket Fences

Building high walls of principles when picket fences seem fine, someday it will make sense.

In less than two months from now, Bubbles and I will be getting married. Today since about 3 months ago, we already had invested so much of our time and money. Getting married today is no joke and in this world of no absolutes, this thought came to mind, does it still make sense?

It didn’t sprout out of doubt for she knows and God knows that my desire and commitment are getting stronger as the big day approaches. It’s definitely not a constrained feeling from the inside that I kept for so long and been wanting to shout in time. It’s just a thought from a reflection concerning the society from which we are planning to live with and their culture and standards from which our future children will be exposed.

We are pursuing a covenant which significance this society already distorted- marriage. A man and woman can live together and  do things exclusive for married couples outside of the covenant of marriage. Couple can marry regardless of gender as long as they ‘love’ each other. These and more, define it yourself and it’ll be accepted. Marriage now is just a term. Vague. Twisted.

I thank God very much for saving me from such disillusionment. Now I stand on solid ground, immovable and unchangeable. And like a needle in a haystack, I found the one whom my soul loves. And by God’s grace and mercy, we are about to embrace marriage as the Author defines it- selfless, loving and God honoring.

High walls were breached but together we will stand in the gap and someday it will make sense.

-Melvin 18/02/16

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