#BMW 2016

New surname, new civil status, new home, new environment, new work, new schedule, and a lot more new experiences. The weeks after the wedding were so eventful that we didn’t have time to pause and write down our thoughts. Time flies so fast! We’ve been married for more than two months already and we are more than thankful to God for the joy He fills our hearts with.

While I have a lot of realizations and reflections to write about, I would like to do some reminiscing first. Up to now I am still in awe of God whenever I remember our wedding day.

Let me share with you a short narrative about our wedding from my sister’s perspective.

All weddings are special in their own ways, but Melvin and Bubbles’ wedding was made extra special because of all the love that was put into it.

The wedding, which was held at the bride’s uncle’s farm in Tarlac City, was full-throttle DIY, as all the design, arrangements, and styling were done by the couple’s family members and friends. The bride’s brother was the head florist and event stylist; he also made the souvenirs. The invitation was designed by the couple themselves – the groom handpainted the couple’s emblem! The bride’s makeup was done by yours truly, who also served as the Maid of Honor and overall event coordinator. To contribute to the wedding’s DIY factor, the gowns that the entourage wore were their own designs, letting them express their personalities and creativity.

Every aspect of this sunrise-brunch affair has love written all over it, but its most memorable aspect is probably the fact that the bride’s wedding gown has survived 34 years under the bride’s mother’s care. Yup, the gown that Bubbles wore during the ceremony is actually her mother’s wedding gown! THAT is special.

It’s such an honor wearing a 34-year-old gown!
Flower bouquet made with love!
Comfy boots that were just perfect for walking around the farm (and marching down the aisle 😉 )
Fresh flowers won’t ever fail you
The main photographer’s fave spot
Another fave spot 🙂
Grateful to God for using my uncle and his family in providing a beautiful venue
The groom and the groomsmen
The bride, the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids
The groom and his family
The bride and her family
It was such a bright and sunny day!
Our special dance number 😉



If I were to describe what we feel about our wedding in one word, it would be: GRATEFUL. We are deeply grateful to God for His grace. We are sincerely grateful to all the people He used to bless us. We may not be able to give anything in return, but surely, it is God who would bless them. That is our prayer.

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