Savor Each Moment

I learned to savor each moment the day I almost lost my husband.

As a stay-at-home mom for only 6 months now, it seems that I am not yet used to being at home 24/7. Yes I enjoy being with my son, being able to witness his milestones, and being able to manage our household full-time. But most of the time, I still find myself getting bored and wishing that I am doing something else other than being a full-time wife and mom.

I often wake up feeling lazy thinking that I will be doing the same things again.

I feel sad every Sunday evening because my husband will be going to work early morning the next day and the next four days.

I often wish that my son would take naps twice a day so that I could finish all household chores.

I usually get frustrated when I don’t get to do some chores because my son wants to play with me all day.

I sometimes feel so tired at the end of the day that I look forward to sleeping instead of enjoying family time.

I consider my days staying at home as “ordinary days.”

I look forward to weekends, holidays, or out-of-town trips so much that I take my “ordinary days” for granted.

I realized that I’ve been feeling this way until something happened two weeks ago. I almost lost my husband. He met an accident while riding his motorcycle, resulting in bone fracture and wounds. We were so down in all aspects. Just when we were about to feel hopeless, God reminded us that He is our hope. That He is with us always. That this is just one of the trials while we’re still in this imperfect world. That trials make our faith stronger. That this trial will result in a deeper faith and relationship with Him. That what happened has a purpose. That this circumstance will teach us lots of life lessons that we won’t learn from good times. That we shouldn’t focus on thinking of the past (what could have been done to prevent the accident) or the future (what will happen to us the next days, weeks, months). That we should focus on the present.

And so on those difficult days, I learned to appreciate each moment. The moment my husband called me that he met an accident— I felt worried but was comforted that he was the one who called me which means that he is alive! The time that the x-ray results showed that he had a bone fracture and he needed a major operation— I cried in frustration, felt sorry for him, and worried about finances, but was relieved by the fact that the damage can still be fixed and everything can get back to normal after some time. The day that he underwent operation— I felt helpless that I could not do anything to lessen the pain he was suffering after the surgery but was thankful that the operation was successful and what he was feeling was just normal. The day we needed to settle our hospital bills— I felt down because of the hospitalization cost but was encouraged that our family and friends were so generous to help us out. The day we could finally leave the hospital and go home— I felt anxious about our set-up at home for the weeks or months to come but was comforted that our family members are very willing to assist us. Yes, I learned to appreciate those moments. I learned to be grateful for each day.

Now that my “ordinary days” are gone for a while, I honestly miss them. Because having those “ordinary days” means that the accident did not happen. I realized that I failed to savor those days. So now, by God’s grace I choose to enjoy each day. Yesterday, as my son sat on his father’s lap reading a book, I chose to happily watch them (and quickly got my phone and took a picture) even though I was tempted to fix the toys in the play area. Today as I sit beside my husband, I choose to celebrate and make the most out of this time.

Let’s appreciate the present. Be grateful for God’s grace and blessing every day. The fact that you wake up in the morning is already something to be thankful for. Let’s not miss the moments of today. Every breathing second is a miracle.

Savor each moment. Be grateful for each day. Live in the present. Live each day as if it is the last.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

PS. Taking this opportunity to express how thankful we are to our parents and our siblings who are very generous of their finances, service, time, support, and love. Thank you for taking care of Tomi. We thank God for your lives! We don’t know how to repay everything you’re doing for us. May God bless you abundantly! We are also very grateful to our relatives, churchmates, and friends who extended help, visited us, and encouraged us through messages. We also thank you for your prayers! Thank you very much also to the doctors, nurses, and everyone in TPH and JMC, and to everyone from Tarlac City CDRRMO who assisted us, as well as to the people in the two ambulances who helped transport Melvin to the hospital. Thank you for your kindness! May God bless you all! And to our God who is our Hope, Refuge, Strength, Provider, Healer, and our good good Father, thank You! All praises and glory to You alone!

-Bubbles, 11/20/18

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